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How Do Online Guitar Lessons Work?

The pandemic has affected the way we communicate and operate in the world. This includes guitar lessons, which, more often, are being conducted virtually. The convenience of learning guitar at home and getting feedback from a real instructor has enabled many musicians of all skill levels to quickly improve. 

Interested in learning about how virtual one-on-one guitar lessons work? As a guitar instructor who has taught students virtually for many years, here are some tips you should know. 

How Do Live Online Lessons Work?

Virtual guitar lessons are usually taught through a third-party platform like Zoom, FaceTime, and WhatApp, among others. You will be communicating and practicing guitar with your instructor remotely. Much like traditional in-person lessons, private online lessons happen on a recurring weekly basis. You will get a calendar invite with a link to your virtual meeting.

How Are Online Lessons Different from In-Person Lessons?

Recording Your Lessons

An advantage to online 1-to-1 lessons is that you can record the lessons. Reviewing your recorded lessons can be greatly helpful for improving your guitar playing skills. Most lessons only last one hour, and there’s a lot you’ll review with your instructor in that time. By watching a recording of your lesson, you can pick up on things you may have missed in real time. Maybe it’s something your instructor mentioned, or maybe it’s something with your timing, technique or approach.

Scheduling at Your Convenience

Without the need to travel, students can schedule lessons at day and time that is convenient for their schedule. It also helps instructors schedules, improving their availability without the hassle of traveling to a student’s home.

Lesson Format

With virtual guitar lessons, the use of remote meeting platforms makes it difficult for instructors and students to play at the same time. Because of this, online lessons follow a “you go, I go” format, where instructors play first, and then students to replicate. An experienced guitar teacher will make students aware of this prior to beginning classes, to ensure the lessons go more smoothly and efficiently. 

Hand Positioning And Posture

Learning physical cues like hand positioning and posture can be a bit different virtually. During an in-person meeting, an instructor may physically help position your hands.


Internet & Technology

With online guitar lessons, occasional technology issues can arise. For instance, remote meeting platforms can crash. In this case, it’s always good to have more than one meeting platform available for use. Another common technology issue is when the WiFi goes out or is unstable. If or when this happens, be prepared to troubleshoot the issue.

Student Tips for Online Lessons

If you want to see improvement while working with an online guitar instructor, here are a few tips to keep in mind. 

Choose Your Instructor Wisely

First and foremost, choose an experienced guitar instructor – one that has the ability to effectively teach virtual lessons. As a guitar student, you will only get so much time with your instructor every week, and an instructor that can effectively communicate with students over remote platforms will help you improve your guitar playing.

Consider Headphones and a Microphone

A quality pair of headphones can help you clearly hear your instructor, and tune out any other distractions at home. A USB microphone also helps with communication and speaking with your instructor. Both pieces of equipment are not essential, but may help the quality of your online guitar lesson.

Use Your Practice Space

Set up a practice space in a quiet, distraction-free area of your home. Ideally, your practice space should be where you take your lessons. You’ll have both your guitar equipment nearby and a desk with your computer and other equipment. Your guitar instructors can provide tips to help improve your at-home set-up.

In Closing: Learning Guitar Remotely Through Private Classes with an Instructor

Yes, it’s more than possible to learn guitar through private virtual lessons with an experienced instructor just as quickly, if not, quicker, than in-person lessons.

Online lessons offer convenience for a busy schedule, and also have the ability to record your session and rewatch at a later time. Just make sure you have a good set-up and the necessary equipment.

Ivan Cardozo has taught guitar lessons for over a decade, and virtually for over four years. He has worked with guitarists of all skill levels, ages, and most importantly –  locations around the world – to help them improve. He also teaches in-person guitar lessons in Boston

Interested in trying a virtual lesson? Your first lesson is free. Sign up here.

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